Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Compliment Me More Often

When was the last time you complemented a girl/women? and truly meant it without feeling envious or jealous about it.

While grocery shopping today Challenged myself to genuinely complement as many girls/women I came across in the store. Whether it was their shoes or hair that I liked I compliment them. the first women was by the strawberries section she looked tired and just out of it, I looked at her and started to think a positive complement for her liked her  maxi-dress it has fun print on it very colourful and lively (it made me smile). Going up next to her I said "I really like that dress on you" she quietly thanked me. the second woman, was in the meat section with her two little children and on in a stroller.Her hand were quite full with the two running around and her trying to shop and pay attention to her little one as well, but she managed to do it all at  once "it pretty amazing how you manage to do it all" I said to her "They keep me young" she said embarrassed. we exchange some words and I went my way. I complemented about eight women within the store all different shapes, cultures, and age. As I went to the cashier I saw some of those people and their expressions had changed the tired lady smiled and the mother looked very confident walking with her kids. Walking out one lady called after me and apologized, I had complemented her on her braids and she gave me a little negative attitude, I had smiled and walked off. "Hey I have to apologize for the way I answered you, it was random and I kinda don't like the style, well my boyfriend I don't look good in them. I've been feeling insure about them since but I spent $200 on them I didn't wanna waste money you know". As I listen to her  explain her reasoning I assured her they looked nice and as long as SHE was happy with them to begin with it shouldn't matter what he thinks. All in all I don't know whether it was I said or something else but a part of me felt happy, I did something so simply difficult for many of us  and it encouraged someone else. 
As women we have to see the best in each other and promote that, believe it or not but what every women does to contribute to our feminicity does reflect on the rest of us.So the CHALLENGE for you today is to complement at least 3 women. I would love to hear about your encounters!


Ms. K

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